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Paint a Helmet ?


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Is it possible to add reflective paint to a helmet (Schuberth) w/o damaging it's integrity?


Not the whole thing; just adding some color to an otherwise black lid "better to be seen" as the goal.





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Hi mike,

Good to hear from you. Sure, go ahead and add the paint, no issue. Might be easier to add reafective tape. Some of the tapes are even more reflective. Bmwst.com is an example.



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Ditto the reflective vinyl. The reflective paint isn't great, and the reflective vinyl is awesome. If you want to get fancy, you can do black vinyl that reflects white, and it won't really show up in the daylight, but Oh Boy at night...

(Note the black isn't as bright/reflective as some of the other colors - but the 'stealth' factor is cool.)


Our very own Fernando sells kits, which makes it very easy. He'll come in soon enough. :)


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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Did a ride where I was going to be on the road for most of the night. I got some 3M solas pinstripe off ebay and put that on the back of my bucket in case I was off the bike for some reason.

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Most helmet manufacturers warn against painting helmets.

They have no idea if the owner will be using water base, acrylic enamel, laquer, epoxy, etc.

Some paints on some helmets can degrade the resins that bond the layers of fiberglass together.


I suggest reflective tape from an auto parts store or if you want hi-viz you can buy a sheet of your color of choice and apply your own design.

You can even check with Eff Bee and use his excellent sneaky reflective stuff.


I put several 4" wide, 4' long strips of the mentioned 3M stuff on my enclosed trailer ramp/ door a few years ago. From several blocks away, it truly looks like it's plugged into power.

Amazing stuff.




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Thanks All for the input!


Very helpful. I was planning to upgrade from the Schuberth C3 to the C3 Pro but the newer helmet fits very differently, at least on me.


The new C3 Pro has forehead pressure vs. none in that location on the older model.


Thus all the questions; now having to search out the older Schuberth C3 & color selections are limited.


Schuberth C3 XL in Yellow is my first choice but none available at the $500 sales price common to this model.


I 'll keep looking but can always get the black & add paint and/or decals!






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