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RT P help


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I have a 2007 RTP, and looking for a bracket that mounts on the license plate, and holds two lights (originally blue, I'm trying to mount red ones). If you know where I could head or better, have one, let me know. Dave


I can't seem to upload a picture here. If you are familiar with RTP, you would know what this looks like. Thanks

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I got one and the backend now looks like this :




I never got lights on a rear bracket.


Motorworks in the UK part out a lot of them, maybe they can help.

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I dont have the direct part numbers but you can order them direct from BMW. you can find the parts your looking for here: www.bmwmc.net under the spare parts listing for the 1200RTP. You will need the license plate bracket, red marker lights (availble from auto parts store) and the wiring harness to feed both lights.



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