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windshields and bee stings


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Morn all.

2003 R1150RT RIDER

Sitting in my chair this morning with a swollen face from a bee sting that I collected while on a ride thru the twisties. Fourth time in a year. I understand that the B in BMW stands for bee , but thinking of altering windshield for a little more protection.

Generally I like a little airflow on my face, so I don't want a large windshield. Any ideas or experience with different windshields or extensions ? Preferences on shapes ?

Thanks jb


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Guest Kakugo

Why don't you just buy a helmet with better ventilation, so you can keep the visor closed and avoid these issues? ;)


I have an Arai RX7RRV and an OGK Kabuto RT33 and ride with the visor close even during the heat wave we are having right now. No need to open them to have more air.


PS: speedy recovery!

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With an open face helmet, you're at risk. Rode open face for years (Luftmeister fairing on an R90) and still had the misfortune of getting stung once in a while.


The last straw was the yellow jacket that got up, behind my sunglasses and unleashed his full displeasure. Luckily, it was to the top of my nose, which swelled way past the size of Jimmy Durante's.


Full face Shoei, vents are amazing. no more stings.



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Full face lid is no guarantee. I once had a wasp decide the inside of my helmet would be a comfy spot for a nap. Little bastard violently objected to my dome invading his space and poked many holes in my scalp before I could yank it back off.

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I do wear a helmet , but my face shield is not always down. I prefer having riding glasses with shield up. But thought with an adjustable windshield extension, I might be able to kill 2 bees with one stone. Provide a little protection for passenger ( stock wind windscreen too small ) and maybe offer a little less buffeting for me.

On the plus side of insect stings is the fact that as my already ugly face gets more swollen , I'm pretty sure I can scare away most life forms ( bees included ) for at least a little while.

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Keep Benadryl in the fairing glove box. If you get it from a mini mart or truck stop, it comes in a crush proof foil packet that is also waterproof.

I also have a RX Epi Pen just in case.

Never even come close to needing the pen, but the Benydryl has saved a ride from being delayed for myself and others a few times.

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As far as helmets go, has anyone tried the HJC lineup for ventilation ?

I have an HJC IS-16 and I would NOT list ventilation as one of its strong points. Not a big deal for me as I generally prefer to ride with the face shield up...probably due in large part to the fact that I haven't yet had a high-speed facial encounter with a bee. On the highway, I have the face shield down and probably get "just enough" air flow on hot days. That's my limited experience. I see the IS-16 has been replaced by a new model. Maybe it has better ventilation.

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Glenn Reed

The funny thing about the RT windshield is that bugs often come up through the space between the fairing and the inside of the shield. This space will be there no matter what shield you buy, unless you modify the shield or fairing to block it off.


Some shields have a built in lip at the top to give the airflow a kick as it goes over the top. One example.


My first RT also came with a Laminar Lip, which is mounted to your stock or existing shield to give it some of the same properties.


As with seats and boots though, what works for one rider won't necessarily be what works for you.


Best of luck finding a solution that works for you!

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A few years ago I was in Colorado cruising along, not wearing my jacket because it was so hot, when a bee hit me in my left side and stung the crap out of me through my t-shirt. I couldn't stop fast enough! :D

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Shaolin Master Sergeant

Had an HJC (CL-15?). Decent venting until I bought a Shoei RF-1100. Shoei vented a lot more. As far a windshields go, I like ones with the upward curvature on the top edge like Klockwerks screens. Even short look over the top shields with this profile seem to redirect all but the heaviest of insects over the head. Having said that, been hit by insects that divebomb thru that air curtain. Straight on insects get deflected up.

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