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replacing the headlight glass


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I caught a rock in the headlight the other day and was wondering what all is involved to replace it.

Any thoughts would be apppreciated.


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Beemer Boneyard is all sold out.


I highly recommend a Cee Baileys head light guard to fit over the headlight glass.

I had a rock bust the guard on my '02 RT but not a scratch on the headlight.



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I have a headlight unit and was wondering how much plastic to remove to replace the unit. As soon as it happen I got on eBay and found one.

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Sorry you had to learn the hard way.


To get to the light, you have to remove the side panels, then the nose. There are 4 Phillips screws that hold the nose on the frame. It's pretty straightforward.




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Maybe consider a HID kit while you're in there? Assuming you don't already have one, that is.


I'll second the lamp guard. I don't have one on the current bike, but have been glad I had them on previous vehicles.

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Be careful buying a used headlight.

Some have broken off tabs from accidents that you won't find out about until you get it

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