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Engine Noise -Grr, Grr, Grr and a Tick, Tick, Tick, and a Tap, Tap Tap.


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I'm getting this engine noise right at 4000+ rpms or higher that sounds like a rough, gravelly, vibrating grr, grr, grr. It's not so much of a tick, tick, tick, like a valve sticky, or connecting rod, tap, tap, tap, but it sounds rough, like a rattly bolt somewhere vibrating to the engine noise. Yes, I know diagnosing noise in a text posting seems imposssible. ;)


The noise falls off when release the throttle or back off on acceleration.

As I accelerate the noise increases from a stop only on any kind of acceleration, as I pull the clutch, the noise diminishes.

At highway speed, the growl is noticable, only happening above 4000 rpms or higher.

Accellerating to 80mph, I release throttle, and the noise subsides (it's there but faint and not the predominant sound)


What to check?

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