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Film protection for side cases


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And here I thought you were trying to keep your camera film protected from something.... Maybe I'm showing my age.

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Guest Kakugo

I cannot speak for this exact product, but I had my side cases wrapped in a black 3M film at a local car wrapping place a year and a half ago.


I originally wanted them wrapped in clear Scotchgard, but the owner said clear Scotchgard doesn't give good results on dark paints and he only advises it on white/silver vehicles. Instead he offered another 3M product in gloss black: it's a 90% match with the original paint (Sapphire Black), same thickness as Scotchgard and exactly the same price.


How does it work? Let's just say it has paid itself many, many times over, and not just with boot marks.

It's now starting to look a bit tatty so I plan to have it replaced shortly. Just a matter of ringing to hear if he has any more of that film in stock, dropping the side cases off and pick them up when they are ready.

So far, worth every single penny. :thumbsup:



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