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RT clutch replacement schedule?


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Just a quickie question.


My '02 RT is coming up on 100K soon. I've done all the major

service stuff myself but haven't needed to think about a clutch R&R yet.

Just wondering if there's a consensus or hard schedule for when to replace the clutch.


I can most likey do it myself, just not looking forward to joining the tail high club. Or the mess in the garage






P.S- FYI only problems so far


Front brake line split n spewed at 75K - new speiglers

Front swing arm bearing shot at 75K - all four replaced

Bad O2 sensor - replaced last weekend at 93K

Final Drive inspected when swing arm bearings replaced - looks fine and no leaks

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It's a pretty graceful failure. It starts to slip. You eventually replace it. I wouldn't give it a second thought.

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I was thinking about going in to look at the splines. And while I was in there R&R the clutch, just wondering what kind of *normal* mileage I should expect for a disc if I'm not thrashing it. Though I do shift rather than brake.


But in the back of my mind says since I've made it this far without any spline issues, don't touch a thing.





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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. On the other hand, when it does start to slip, don't put it off, because you'll ruin the other parts in there. don't ask me how I know....


I did my clutch at about 60K. I've never been particularly hard on clutches, so I suspect that I was misled about the previous owner's riding habits.

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I would be more worried about the splines. My last bike a 87 K100RT had only done 95,000kms when the splines went, the input shaft was stuffed, tailshaft, and the final drive had to be overhauled, just about had to mortgage the house!!!

My 98 RT has only done 65,000kms, and had mine done, turned out the whole clutch assy had to be replaced (bad pitting) and 2 bearings on the para-lever were badly worn, splines were like new. Cost a bit but I can enjoy riding without that worry!!

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