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1200RT 2006 purchase


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Hi all


I have the option to purchase a 2006 (registered in 2007 when the owner bought the bike brand new).


It has 45000 kms (28 125 miles) on the clock. It has a full service history at a BMW dealer.


The bike looks like it is in a very good condition. Body work, wheels etc. are spotless. Parked in a garage under a tarpaulin. Paintwork still shiny, note faded. It looks like he has looked after it very well.


My only concern is that the last service was done in 2012. Since then he has only done 5000 kms.(3125 miles) So not ridden much at all in the last 3 years.


Should that be an issue that the bike was serviced 3 years ago? I will ofc give it a full service and bleed the brakes and other fluids etc.


Thanks in advance for the replies




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Others will chime in... 2006 had power assist brakes.. Very expensive repair if module goes bad, and bleeding, flushing it was number 1 to prevent it going bad.


Flush, bleed BTW is an entailed process, takes a couple hours and need some special items to do.


Guys that have the power assist brakes either love em or hated em.. When I was looking for my first RT, a 37++ year BMW Master mechanic (Rob Kiviat, he also owned a Bmw dealership for many years) only had one real piece of advice for me... Avoid 2005-2006 models with power assist brakes

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Morning Distronium


Very little use & long storage times without pre-storage service CAN (not always will) bring on unwanted failures.


As mentioned in the post above the brake service is something to be mildly concerned with.


Same with fuel system parts.


Use you nose & sniff in the open fuel tank filler cap, if it smells like old gasoline then you might be in for future issues.


Same with the brake system-- if you could get a look at the brake fluid in the brake resivuiours before buying then do so. Black fluid, chunks of "stuff" floating in the fluid could spell out future brake controller issues.


Storage condition is everything here-- if stored in a dry area with not much air moisture then your chances of the bike being good are far higher than a bike stored in humid or an area of drastically changing temperatures.


My suggestion (if at all possible) is to have the bike checked out by a qualified BMW tec before buying.


The 2006 BMW 1200RT was/is a nice bike BUT very expensive to have repaired if more than just minor problems.

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If the price is low enough and you have a good mechanic check it out, just think of setting aside $$ to cover any repairs that might be needed. This could also be used as a bargaining chip with the seller. If he doesn't want to bargain, then keep looking. Deals are out there.

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Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated and thanks for the welcome :)


I think I can get him down to around £3200/ $5000. Which where I am from is a fairly decent price.


The problem is if the servo assist failed the price to fix would put the TCO in the range of a 2009 RT.


Now its not a guarantee that it will fail since the failure rate is very low..still...


Anyway will think on it ;)



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The 2009 RT is a wonderful bike, the pinnacle of evolution of the HexHead RTs. Of course, I may be a bit biased ...



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The Rocketman

I specifically searched for a relatively low mileage '09RT for that reason and one without a radio. Mine came with about 18,000 miles on it. That's what I found, that's what I bought, and I love it so far.

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My 06' is ticking along, 65k+ Replaced clutch slave cylinder, that's it. Replaced FPC preventively. On original clutch, fuel strip. It has been a great bike, whizzy brakes and all.

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My 06' is ticking along, 65k+ Replaced clutch slave cylinder, that's it. Replaced FPC preventively. On original clutch, fuel strip. It has been a great bike, whizzy brakes and all.


+1 for the '06 RT. Have 31,000 miles on mine and the only issues were one fuel strip after 7 years and the fuel pump both replaced under warranty. I keep is serviced like clock work and yes the brake flush costs me about an extra $100 every other year but that is it! Love this bike! If as clean as you state $5000 is a great deal!

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Don't buy it unless you want to ride it lots of miles. Although not the most perfect machine man has ever designed, my '05 has 107K or more on the clock. Still runs like it did in '05.

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I have heard all the comments on this thread, and I think some of it is valid, some of it isn't. First of all, not all 2006 models have servo assisted brakes. I have a 2005 with 60K on it and with the exception of several fuel strips (that is more of an issue then anything else that has been mentioned, especially with the mileage you are referring to), mine has been fantastic. But, BMW warranties that (at least here in the states for 12 years since the bike has been in service. My concern would be seals. If the bike has been sitting for a long time with no use, they may have dried out. That includes:


Rear Main Seal (as has been mentioned)

Fork Seals

All transmission seals (input seals, output seals, seals for the clutch - dry clutch).


In the history of the maintenance, I would feel better about the bike if it wasn't run with synthetic oil or tran. fluid for that year).


If you decide to buy it, I would have all filters replaced, change the oil, transmission fluid, final drive fluid, brake fluid (all circuit flush), etc. I personally would only use dino products in it with old seals. I would also replace spark plugs and valve cover gaskets. When RTs of that vintage start getting age on them, you may start to get a build up of dirt in the starter bendix gear/shaft housing. That should be cleaned and inspected as well (I just did mine yesterday).


I would also have a competent mechanic check it over well.


These are things that I would have done. If you can do them yourself, great. If not, consider all that extra cost and add it to the price immediately.

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Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.


I made an offer I was happy with but he refused it.


So I have an option on a 2010 RT now. Should be finalized next week:)

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