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What about these brake pads?


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Getting to be time to replace my brake pads. These seem extremely inexpensive.



Would you buy them? Comments welcome


I'm far from being an expert. I look at it this way.


1- Is my time and effort (self proclaimed hourly wage) for doing a job myself and installing questionable parts worth the time to do it again once I found out the parts didn't cut the mustard.


2- Replace the words "time and effort (self proclaimed hourly wage)" with "body and recuperation time".


I'm just sayin.


I would check out Beemer Boneyard or maxbmwmotorcycles



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If you're a laid back rider rather than a hard charger ... those probably will work fine. Heck they may even be a quality name brand without the brand, who knows? But that's the issue.


Some of us, myself included, tend to push the envelope at times. So when I need products to help stay upright and avoid bumping into things - like brakes and tires - I won't get the cheapest available and go with a known and proven product. A firm believer that most of the time "ya get what ya pay for" :Cool:

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I have purchased super cheap break pads for the dirt bike and was very disappointed. They did not last at all. Wore out 90% faster than name brand. No Joke on that stat!


They stopped just fine though....

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That's CRAZY cheap - like $2.25 a pad, and really less than that as they come with free shipping. I'm a relatively poor beemer rider, and like a bargain when I can find one, but I'm awful suspicious of their ability to provide a quality product at that price. Also, that review doesn't ring true as a real review to me. Just my two hundreths of a dollar though, and worth about that much - or maybe less :)

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They may do you much more harm than good. A friend of mine fitted a set of cheap pads. They destroyed the discs in double quick time and cost him way more than a decent set of pads would have done.

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