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R1100RT tyre change


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Is it possible to change the tyres/tires by hand or does it have to be done by a machine? I was told it has to be done by machine. I used to change them by hand with levers on my old K100RT.


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You can do it by hand. I've done a million of 'em. I've heard you can bend the rim if you exert enough force, but I've never had a problem.

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Morning Reecehk



As Jim said it can be done with tire irons.


The BMW rims are easy to nick or damage so use rim protectors under all tire iron contact & put tires out in hot sun before removing or replacing (makes the job much easier).


Rear isn't too bad but front can be a real pain due to stiff tire side walls & narrow front rim.

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Thanks for that info, I will wait till summer since it is currently unregistered, I don't use the bike during winter.

I have just replaced the timing chain tensioner, spark plugs and alternator belt, also done the valve adjustments, and am going to do all the oils and filters. Should be ready for spring. :grin:

The only annoying thing is that is a few months away!! :cry:

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I now have a harbor freight tire changer with the motorcycle wheel attachment. It makes it much easier to change tires... but before I got the changer, I managed several tire changes the old fashioned way... It is a nice feeling of accomplishment, but I much prefer having the appropriate tools. They are so cheap that just a couple of tire changes after you get them will pay for the tools...

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Hi all,

Just did my rear tire the old fashioned way. Thought I would share a great bead breaking tip.


I place tire and rim under the trailer hitch on my car. The hitch is a fulcrum for a lever that I create. I use a 3 foot piece of lumber and pry a 6 inch inch scrap of wood down onto the bead of the tire. This easily pushes the bead right off the rim.


Works like a charm!


Also when mounting tires. It really helps me to not allow the bead to set while I am spooning the tire on. Keep the tire in the middle of the rim until you get both sides on the rim. Keeping the tire in the center and in the well of the rim prevents the tire from needing a lot of force to be stretched on.


Hopes this helps someone.



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The tyre changer looks good, I will see if there is anything in Australia, I don't like the idea of having to dyna bolt it to the floor though.

I noticed on ebay a compressed air bead breaker that is relatively cheap, I used to put a plank down and run over it with the car, sometimes even that wouldn't break the bead.

I am getting a bit long in the tooth now so anything that will make it easier would be great.


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