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Shad Top Case Install with pics


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Hello Folks,


I wanted a top case for the RT, and Shad had some interesting options. I opted for the Shad42 liter and the master mount specific to the RT.

It too about 10 minuted to mount, not including puzzling it out on the work bench, but I'm not the brightest bulb in the box ya know.

You will not need the black spacers on the left, not the lower set of bolts.




One not that may not be clear in the instructions are the welded nuts on the base plate should face the road.



It takes some fussy positioning, but the plates will pull up cleanly into the bottom of the luggage rack


The last step was to get the cover pieces onto the base plate, sorry no pic, but I used a heat gun to slightly soften the pieces as they need to be bent and pressure fit into place. Fair warning the plastic is not thick so I was very conservative in the use of the heat.

Overall I am very pleased,and according to Shad, there are several other case they offer that will fit this base plate, in the even I want a larger case. It preformed well on my recent 2500 mile road trip.


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The Rocketman

Fine job Gary. Just one observation...your work bench looks much too clean. Did you sand it before you took the photos?


Hope to see you in Maine in a couple of weeks.

If not, I'll see you at Ramblin' Pig IX in Wilmington in early August.

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On the flip side my desk is not nearly as tidy!


Plan is to be on the road with the Michigan contingent, hopefully with Tony in tow. (his wife has given him the green light)

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Big Power upgrade, feels lighter, wayyyy more wind protection, I think you could burn a candle on the tank!


My only dislike are the sidecases, the montauk touring bags are more functional with the top opening, and larger also.


Full rundown in Charlemont, with beer in hand!

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