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Garmin NAV V Issue - Help Please

Dave Stephens

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Dave Stephens

The NAV V that came with my 2015 RT is squirrelly ( or maybe I am, who knows?). Anyway when it doesn't have a route loaded up it works fine and gives an accurate location as I am driving. As soon as I load a route to follow it becomes inaccurate. For instance, when I hit "Where To?" and then select "Home" the initial data is accurate (i.e. Miles to go, etc.) but as I drive, the data doesn't update as I get closer to home. If it started with 15 miles to go (accurate at that point in time) it STAYS at 15 miles to go.


Have I not set it up correctly or should it be replaced under warranty?


Thanks for your responses.

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That is odd behavior.


Two suggestions:


1. Call Garmin's tech support (ask for the BMW Navigator support if the phone number in the documentation doesn't take you straight there). If, after the trouble-shooting is done, the unit is determined to be defective, you'll have to take it to your dealer to be processed.


2. If you don't/can't reach Garmin, go to the Garmin website and find/download/install the Nav V firmware again.

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Garmin Tech Support is at 800-800-1020. When you get someone ask for OEM Support... there is a special team for devices such as the Nav V that are integrated into OEM products such as our bikes.


But first I would suggest You download Garmin Express... if you do not already have that. Then connect the Nav V to your computer and let Garmin Express check to see if you have the latest map and the latest software on the unit.


If this procedure says you are up to date that information will be helpful to the Tech Support person.


Let us hear how it goes.

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