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ride in the Ardennes today


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My R1100RT became a GS as i got a bit lost and didn't feel like going back. Nothing dramatic, could stay seated for the most of it. All in all a very nice ride today.

Those German machines are surprisingly good at traversing the Ardennes :)




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Nice, where in Germany are you located? I'm in Wiesbaden (until August).

I live in the Trier area, not that far away. Wanted to go along the Rhein from your area to Koblenz, haven't been there yet, then back to Trier along Mosel is another 4 h, nice day riding, perhaps we should team up ? I travel a lot for work but there might be a weekend that fits the bill.


What camera are you using and how do you have it mounted to handle the vibration like it did?


I am using Gopro3+, here attached with the gopro adhesive pad (right below the windshield's lower edge on the front fairing) and closed back door casing (open back door results in horrific wind noise, not recommended) mounted with the simplest thingy that clicks into it, comes with the set.

Actually, i think the gopro 3+ case is worse than my old Gopro3, you can check it out here



The 3+ one somehow rattles more, there's additional buzzing etc. If you compare the two movies on headphones you will notice the difference.


Thanks to all for the replies and comments,





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I would love to ride the roads up here with you but I am leaving for the US right after my Alps trip and won't have much time...packing, cleaning, shipping vehicles.



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