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GS to the North Cap... in WINTER !!


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I guess many of you already know this story, but just for fun here it is again. Nothing to do with me btw :)




Just crazy, i love my BMWs and all but if it was me doing this, i would have just brought a snowmobile ;)


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When you need metal studs added to the tire to ride on a paved road it's time to call the riding season closed.

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Soon as that beast started to tailwhip in the ice, I think I would have pulled over to change my shorts.



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I'll ride in the Renault with the camera crew, thank you very much....


This trip (in a van) is going on my bucket list. Fantastic scenery!

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Matthew Miller

looks like a great place to mount out-riggers on the BMW. I used to ride in the snow but not like that.

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