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RT Sunglass Holder


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I wear sunglasses about 95% of the time. As I wear a full face helmet, every time I take off the helmet or put it on, the sunglasses have to go somewhere. Finding a safe place to put them has been filled with frustation. Yesterday, I came up with a handy solution to this minor inconvenience. I found a small piece of fuel line hose that fit my sunglasses and Shoeglued it to my mirror. The mirror slot is in the ideal spot for me.

18808165771_63d920e253_o.jpgIMG_0675 by Coles Bryan, on Flickr

18800536832_a31db61ed7_o.jpgIMG_0674 by Coles Bryan, on Flickr

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I bought a Shoei Air helmet with flip down sunglasses. Works for me, easy to flip up in the shadows, and I can look under the sunglasses to see my guages.

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Shoei Air helmet, or any helmet with the flip down sunglasses is a big plus. My Shoei RF 1000 does not have that feature.

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