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Rear Fender Adjust?

Taylor 1983

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There is no rule. Just set it to it's lowest setting (longest out) if you want the least amount of mud/dirt thrown up onto the back.

This rear fender add on could be purchased since the 2005 Hexhead as an option, and became standard as part of the purchase at least since the 2014 LC.

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What's this adjustable fender you speak of?

The lower half of the rear fender will telescope in/out of the upper half. There is a T25 Torx screw on the back (tire) side of the fender you can loosen if you cannot pull it down by hand.

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Yep! Check that little bugger for tightness every once in a while. Just met a guy who said his screw backed out on a long ride and he lost the bottom half of the mud flap.

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