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Throttle body rebuild problem.


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Just a quick word about my recent poor running...

'03 R1150RT with 108K mi

Out for a short run, noticed bike was postfiring (backfiring in the muffler) a lot on deceleration.

Then noticed throttle seemed to be binding a bit.

Then noticed rough idle.

Then bike stalled and wouldn't idle without partial throttle.

Got to a stopping place where I could take things apart. Fortunately had the side fairings off after a throttle body (TB) rebuild with a Dan Cata kit from Beemerboneyard.

Checked both TBs were on tight. No outward signs until I advanced the throttle (with the bike off) and felt the right side throttle cam wasn't returning.

Further investigation with TB detached showed binding on return.

Turned out to be the screw that holds the cam on the shaft that Dan supplies with the kit was too tight. Backed it off about 1/8th turn and binding went away.

Put everything back together, bike ran well and rewarded myself with a cold bottled water.


The Dan Cata kit worked well otherwise and I can only attribute the problem to myself! Don't know if this problem has been reported before but may serve as a word to the wise.

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In fairness to Dan, he says in his directions in this thread :

Screw in the nut on the spindle, on top of the pulley. Don't overtighten it! It won't come off!

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I'd pull it and give it another look.


The problem really wasn't the screw too tight (my best guess), but when you loosened the screw, that allowed the throttle plate to shift slightly. What you had was the plate binding to the inside of the throttle body. When you install Dan's rebuild kit you must manually rotate the shaft to confirm that the plate is centered and closes without binding. You should make sure that the screws for the throttle plate are not going to back out and fall into the cylinder.

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Michael - thanks for your comments. I completely agree. The directions seemed a bit unclear regarding the order of assembly. It would have been better to tighten the shaft screw before setting the plate.

Plate screws were checked and still tight.

The shaft screw and the plate screws all have a little blue threadlocker on them.

I think I'll ride it a while and see what happens. If it binds again then I'll take it all apart and re-do.

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