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Ride Slow

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Sounds like crickets living around the rear suspension. Just started. Haynes manual just came in the mail, and I haven't found the troubleshooting section for cricket sounds.



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NA. He already has a cat converter :)!

Just spray a bit of penetrate on some moveable joints back there for a start. could be a bushing starting to wear, a rub of steel on steel or a loose fastener creaking. Gotta investigate and eliminate. A manual won't tell you that.

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Use a long, blade screwdriver to turn the stock shock damping screw all the way one way, then all the way the other.

Try putting the screw towards the + or more or firm end and try it for squeaks.


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Maybe take the seat off, get some silicone grease spray. Spray it on the top and bottom shock absorber mounts,

Also spray it on the front and rear torque arm mounts.

Go ride the bike and take the spray with you.

Stop every few miles and repeat the proceedure.


Those rubber bushings can dry out sometimes and cause the squeak.

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Thanks folks, I will check it out. First noticed moving the bike into the garage, after coming home. I can hear the squeak anytime I sit on it, and move the suspension. I didn't hear it riding because of the earplug headphones.


(And yes I know I shouldn't block out the road sounds)

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We had several LT's and a couple high mileage RTP's develop the sqeak.

On all, it was the rear shock. Changing the damping adjustment a lot, then trying it confirmed it.

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Final Drive pivot bearings is my vote..


Mine just started with the squeaking bedsprings noise. It was the pivot bearings (bushings, in this instance).



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I didn't know silicone lubricant acted as an insecticide as well. Good to know! :clap:


Glad it was that simple...

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