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anyone have a auto transport service they can recommend?

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Im looking to get a used vehicle shipped from a large dealer in Texas to me in California. I've looked around but there is too many choices out there. Anyone have a personal experience with a company they can recommend? I found a few that have great BBB ratings and decent prices, but if someone knows personally of a good one I would love to hear it.

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There are any number of transport brokers out there with access to companies that do a good job. I used one once when I moved a car from Ohio to Georgia. No complaints. I've also used a company called Covered Vehicle Transport (headquartered in GA) to move a couple of bikes long distance but their main business is really transporting cars. They may be a little more expensive but I can definitely recommend them.

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I am helping my son and daughter that need to ship 3 cars from Incline Village,  NV (can load at their home or in Reno or Carson, NV).   2 cars shipping to Washington, DC and one to Chicago.

Any recommendations for dependable carriers would greatly be appreciated.  Please post, cal me at 202 255-9239 or send email to endobobdds@gmail. com with any recommendations. 

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I had good luck with U-ship 3 years ago getting my Model T from Kentucky to Connecticut.  $800 in a closed trailer delivered to my driveway, the driver helped roll it on and roll it off.   You post what you want moved and when, open trailer or closed.  Independent contractors bid on the job, you can check their reviews, you decide which one.  You can add insurance as well.  Once it arrives and you are satisfied you contact U-ship, they pay the contractor.  

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