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1100RT-P front shock and alternator belt replacement


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I want to replace the front shock and alternator belt on my 98 1100RT-P and I can't get the shock out of the front end due to the telelever not being able to drop enough before hitting the frame member (I don't know if the P is different than the civilian but it looks like it is). I have the bolt and nuts off the shock but I can't get the shaft down and out of the top hole. I am lacking about a 1/2 inch or so and the only way it looks like you can get it out is if you disconnect the telelever at the rear 2 bolts or if you could get a spring compressor up onto the spring but that would be practically impossible I think. I just did my 1150RT so I know how it is supposed to work. Any ideas?


Also due to the frame going around the front bottom of the engine I can't get the alternator cover off and it appears I would be able to if I removed the exhaust pipes. I was able to get my front cover of the 1150RT because the frame is much different than the 1100RT-P so I am guessing the exhause pipes have to come off. Any more ideas?

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you are correct on the front shock. the design of the crash guard frame prevents you from removing the shock. Your choice is to remove the telelever via the 2 pivot bolts so you have enough clearance to remove the shock, or cut a channel in the crash guard frame (not recommended but its a common work around.


To remove the belt cover, most the bikes will require at the very least to loosen the header and shift them forward just a bit. I found some of mine only need a slight shift and it can be removed, other bikes Ive had to remove them almost completely to get clearance.

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KER, thank you for the verification on what I thought would be needed. I don't think I will cut the crash guard just to save have a day of work! How much of a job is removing the 2 pivot bolts on the telelever? I haven't attempted that before, any special tools needed?

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....How much of a job is removing the 2 pivot bolts on the telelever...


2 bolts??

I think you will find that is one very long 'axle' bolt that passes from left to right. Some folk have mistakenly refitted that 'axle' bolt from right to left before fitting the barrels...and that makes for big mistake because it means you need to take the right hand barrel off to remove said bolt.

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