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shift from 2nd to 3rd problem


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Was on a club ride (lots of twisties) with my daughter yesterday where shifting from 2nd into 3rd was not happening with increasing frequency...within a 3 hour period prolly happened a dozen times...grrrr.....1st to 2nd no problem then no 3rd nor beyond...had to shift back into 1st then back up and most times that worked but a few times we were stuck with 2nd being the highest gear available..looking to find out how to fix....something I can do or a local shop or new/rebuilt tranny?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....

Cycle specifics:

2001 1150GS, 87k miles



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Morning Tom


Could be a lot of things but place to start is to check the linkage from foot shift lever to the short lever on the trans stub shaft.


Then verify that the short lever on the trans stub shaft is tight & the pinch bolt it tight.


Usual cause of issues like yours is loose linkage or loose lever on trans stub shaft.


If all above tight & shift lever isn't contacting end of the slot in side plate then probably something internal to the trans or possibly a clutch/input shaft spline issue.



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If it is not the linkage as D.R. indicates, at that mileage wear of the internals and/or bent shift forks are certainly possibilities. I purchased an R1150 at ~92K that had an undisclosed 2-3 shift problem that only showed when the bike was fully warm, verging on hot. Like yours, sometimes shifting down and back up would allow the shift to third to occur. The solution is either repair or replacement of the tranny.

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Well checked the lever location and it was a bit out but bolt not loose....corrected that but no improvement :cry:

will live with it until a new tranny finds its way into the workshop...

Thanks for the input guys....greatly appreciated.


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