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Corbin Seat


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Mike the Ghoul

I got mine about 4 weeks ago. It took about three to four weeks to be delivered. Well within their stated delivery date. This is the 4th Corbin I have had on BMW's and a Suzuki. So take my opinion with a grain of salt. I have liked all of the Corbins I have had. They are firmer than others and I like that. It takes a little getting used to but that's ok. They are very comfortable for me and my SO. I've done 800 mile days (not often) solo and 600 mile days two up without undue discomfort. Our normal day these days is 300-400 miles.


I have found that you have to be clear and specific when you order it. Customer service was helpful and friendly but I had clear wants etc. and relayed them. Spend some time on the web site and decide what you want. The best of my buying experiences was when I bought them at rallies and was able to order it face to face. This time I asked them to send me samples of three leather colors. It took two requests but they did. Maybe not their fault that I had to remind them to send it, since my original request corresponded to Daytona Bike Week and they were probably slammed.


I got the new one for the 2014 in an unusual color for me. It is brown bomber leather cause I thought that would go with the Calisto Grey color, since there is a tinge of olive drab in the hue. It looks real good. A little lighter than I thought it would be and it took a while to get used to but I am really beginning to like it.


I didn't like that they only offered a one piece seat rather than two, as on my 99 RT. The 99 seems to have more room for the passenger and less stepped seating. I have about 600 miles on it now and like it very much. The first ride was firm but not uncomfortable. The next three have been good. I feel more "in" the bike now, not sitting on it. I feel like I can lean more with the bike that trying to push it into turns. Dropping my shoulder into the inside of a turn seems to be easier now.


I tried it in the high position but it doesn't really fit very well there. So I put it in the low position and it looks much better and fits well. Turns out that it does really well for me in that position also. I was afraid the bend in my knees would bother my hips, as the OE did, but that is not the case. I feel very comfortable. So, as far as I can tell, the low position on the Corbin is similar to the high position OEM. It may be a slight amount of lower. My feet are just a tad closer to the ground. I still tip toe at stops but not uncomfortably. I am 5-8 with a 30 inch inseam.


No perceptible change in handlebar position and windshield position.


My SO hasn't ridden with it yet, but she is worried that the stepped seat places her higher than my head, which she doesn't like. The seat position also places her closer to the top box, a Givi 55l. So I remounted the Givi plate to push it back a little. We're are supposed to do a ride this week and I can let you know how she feels.


I don't like having to have another key for the seat. I don't like the chrome looking lock tumbler and passenger heater controller/logo. I will probably try to paint those matt black. I haven't connected the heat wires, as I think I will buy extra OEM connectors to put on the seat side so I don't have to cut into any original wires.


Bottom line, so far I really like it.





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