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SM Peg lowering kit on 2015?


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I'm going to swap the kit from my 06 to the 15, but I read that there's no way to lower the rear brake pedal.

Anyone have any fixes?


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Well, IIRC there is a way to lower the brake pedal.


Get down there and take a look. There may be a positioning bolt/stop nut thingy...


True, the amount of movement may not be very much but it can be done. My '05 could be moved a little but it was not worth the trouble on my bike.


My advice is to just to the swap and see what you are dealing with. I move my SM peg lowering blocks and never have a problem.

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Didn't find a way on my 2015 but I sure like the leg room provided and I have adapted to the high brake pedal.

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I swapped them out, moved the shift lever down, left the brake lever where it is...seems to be OK.

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