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Conti Road Attack


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Any thoughts pro/con on these tires? Handling, wear, wet traction? I need to replace my PR4 GTs. The rubber in the middle is wearing like iron but the softer compound on the sides wears quickly. So over time they've come to resist turning in while they're on the flat center, but fall over abruptly and then are likely to want to turn tighter than I do. Continental claims there is a continuous transition from the center to the edge. BMW specifies Conti RA2 GT, Michelin PR4 GT, or Metzler Z8s.

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A riding buddy got a 14RT same as mine except (identical equipment delivered the same time two different dealers) except his came with Conti Road Attack. While on our first club ride of the year(2014)he was the 3rd or 4th bike, he didn't make a corner, it was tight and wet, low sided. One bike was between myself and him so I was able to see all this unfold. It just went out from under him. My buddy is a long time ride with lot of track days and some high powered bike in his stable along with the new RT. I trying to say he a good rider.


The Conti failed in the wet. This happen March 2014, getting parts took forever the bike was fixed a the same time as the Stop Ride, he lost a lot of riding his new RT last year. After he put some miles on the bike he really started not to trust the Conti's in the dry either, they shortly went away after that...



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My new RT came with the Conti's.

Removed them at 6500 miles. Very little tread left in center of rear tire, and very uneven wear on the front tire. Edges of tread grooves were worn almost to the base of the tread blocks along some uneven wear areas. Never had issues in the wet. But I did NOT like the feel of them, always nervous feeling when cruising in a straight line. Thought it might be the bike, it was not. With the cost approaching the cost of PR4's I don't know how anyone could justify them.


I bought a set of the Bridgestone T30's. Solved the nervous feel. Great in rain, I pushed them in NC to try to get them to move around and they did not. Over 3500 miles now. Front looks like new, rear is squared off a bit. At $218 a set delivered, I will look over the rear if I need to replace it under 8K miles....

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My 14 came with Conti Road Attacks. They did slip and slide ever so slightly even when riding mildly. It spooked me enough I swapped them out at 3700 for PR 4's. I just got back today from a 2500 mile trip through Arkansas. The PR 4's were as I remembered; very good grip....and if you noticed it has rained nearly non-stop the whole week we were gone.


My 14 had a tendency to road walk at freeway speeds. I assumed characteristic of the new bike...wrong...tendency went away with the new tires. No walking at all.


I hated throwing away a set of tires with such low mileage, but am very glad I did.

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