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2005 Gear shift indicator


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2005 RT, 145000 miles. Gear shift indicator does not display what gear you are in, it is blank, and the neutral light does not come on. Some mornings it will come on for a few miles and then stop working. There are two styles of potentiometers, one with a pigtail, the other with the connector on it, this one has the connector on it. Took the connector off, it is clean no corrosion. Hooked the GS911 up to it. Put it on the center stand, started it up and ran it thru the gears. The live data on the 911 showed what gear it was in. There is an instrument cluster test and the neutral light came on. Seen no place to test the gear indicator. I just recently got the GS911 so I don't know all the capability of it. When I was doing the live data and seen what gear it was in, the gear shift indicator and neutral light were not working. I would guess the potentiometer is working then. Without a wiring diagram, I don't know if there are individual wires for the display, would not seem likely thou. Actual cluster going bad in this specific area?


This my sons bike, he lives 120 miles away. Between getting the parts, checking valves, oil and trans oil change, we ran short on time for the indicator issue. So I can not just go out to the garage and check things for now.



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Morning klondike


Is your transmission selector potentiometer a 3 wire pot?


If so then that selector pot. has a high in, low out, with a variable output. (I don't have my wire diagrams handy where I'm at now but pretty sure the 05 still uses the 3 wire pot (trans switch)


From the trans selector pot. the signal output goes into the BMS-K (fueling computer), then from there goes to the dash controller & ZFE out over the CAN (Controller Area Network) system.


You might also try a battery disconnect for about 30 minutes to see if that helps (be sure to do a TPS re-learn after battery re-connect)


Has your son done ANY bike electrical modifications or other work on the bike lately? If so then make sure nothing is tied into the CAN system & that ALL CAN terminators are in place on any unused CAN connectors (like radio & TPS monitor areas)


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