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How do I reformat a picture...


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How do I reformat or shrink a picture so I an use it as my avatar? It need to be 100x100 or 64kb. I have it in smugmug and also on my computer. Thanks in advance


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9 ways to get to Sunday. There are a bunch of apps or programs out there...what kind of computer you got?

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John Ranalletta

Paint works but you should also find OIS, the MS photo editing widget more handy. In the Search programs and files box, type "OIS". Select your picture directory and edit away. It's the program I use to resize photos for the web. You can select multiple photos and edit in one operation.

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Don't know about Windows 8, but in 7 you can right click on the picture in File Manager (or whatever it's called now) and pick 'Resize Picture '.

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