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oil cooler ducting removed


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I was wondering if anyone had removed the oil cooler ducting on their 1100 and if they noticed any difference in flow through the cooler. Better or worse.

I know the 1150s do not have the ducting but the bodywork is slightly different.

I removed mine a month or so ago but so far see no difference.

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Interesting question. It wouldn't make any difference to incoming air flow, but I'm wondering about the out flow coming up through the steering head. Maybe it wouldn't make any difference, the air would flow straight back into the fairing cavity and out the sides. I don't know, looks pretty crowded in there.


My question would be, why? Is the ducting broken or did you loose it? I'm kinda thinking that the BMW engineers designed it this way for a purpose. Otherwise, why do it? From BMW's standpoint, it's extra cost for the duct molding and mounting points. Somehow, if it wasn't necessary, I don't think the engineers would have designed it that way.


Maybe when it warms up, you may change your mind...




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I removed it because I was in there fixing a POs modification and needed the access.

BMW did it this way as an attempt to get heated air to the hands, they went away from that idea for the 1150.

It sure does unclutter the backside of the fairing.


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Clive Liddell

The 1100RT ducts discharge into a low pressure area when the guide vanes are switched to the "Summer" position so I would think that the air flow through the oil cooler will probably be better when moving.


My biggest benefit of having the ducting is the removal of hot air discharged from the oil cooler from my body in Summer heat (which is most of the year here).


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Yes, that was my concern, that the exit area in the side of the fairing is at a lower pressure when moving than the area in the fairing behind the cooler.

The last couple of days here are the first hot/humid days of this year and when my temp goes to 6 bars in traffic it seems slower to drop back to 5 when moving than it did with the ducts in.

I think the ducts will be going back in...


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