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Some cheap bling for an old K


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I bought a set of these "Ghost Lights" off a chinese seller on amazon.




They are supposed to be accent lights that come on when you open the door to a car. I wired mine to the tail light, so it comes on with the switch. Its mounted to the center stand using worm gear clamps like some folks do with ignition switches near the aircleaner.











edit: I still have another one, and am prolly gonna put it on Lord Vader. I'm trying to figure out how to mount it someplace low-pro and rear facing, so when I park with the other BMW's at bike night, I can switch it on and project the roundel onto the wall behind our parking area.

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That is so pointless and totally a waste of money!




That said, I immediately started shopping around on amazon, almost ordered a set for my work car (X3) AND a set for my sidecar rig, but then I found out another seller of a very similar product will make CUSTOM inserts. So, now I need to figure out if I want the BMW logo, or my company logo, or something just weird.


:) :) :)


PS - looking forward to seeing how it works rear-facing. Very fun.

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Pretty sure they are all coming from Asia - I guess BMW might be able to get them off amazon, but I'd imagine they'll remain available in some form.


Figured out they won't actually fit in the stock location on my year X3, so I guess i'll just have to get them for the bike.


Actually - now that I think about it, a set would be fun to have in the footwells of the car if the angle would work :)

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