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More airflow for Schuberth C3


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I know that Schuberth designed the visor to not stay up while riding. I like to crack my visor to the first notch while riding to allow for more air flow and sometimes, I even pop the thing wide open (don't worry you ATGATT preachers, I wear bifocal safety glasses ;) ). So all the while when riding, I pop the visor up and BLAM, it slams shut unannounced. After having the helmet for a few years, I'm kinda tired of the slam. I've tried the CD spindle foamy things, but that didn't work. While walking through my garage the other day I spotted the perfect solution,.....water hose washers. I placed one on each side of the visor at the pivot points, they fit perfectly in the small void. Gave the helmet a test run on my wifes bike (minimal wind protection), no slammy shut. A test run on my bike and no slammy shut. So now, I can place the visor in whichever notch I want and not have to be hit with the slamming shut......life is good.

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I replaced my original C3 visor because it had some annoying scratches. $89 ouch!

However, the new visor does not slam shut. It works like it should have from the beginning.

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The original Schuberth C3 had the visor issue where it would close with the slightest wind. They came out with a fix that they will send you for free if you call their customer service number. They made a beefier ratchet connection that holds the visor in position. It works like a charm. I ride with my visor open to the first notch all the time with no issues since the fix.



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