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Front break bleed on 01 GS


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I'm helping a friend bleed his brakes on his 2001 R1150GS. We noticed that the front left side caliper has a bleed nipple but the right side does not have a nipple, only a plug where the nipple would go. Looks like it was stock. Is this normal? If so, how do you bleed the right side caliper? Thanks,

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You could also remove the "filling point" and just screw the bleeder into the vacant fitting. I did that on my '01 GS, following the procedure laid out in the official BMW maintenance manual.


That required removing the brake line from the caliper and then the caliper from the bike, but I was replacing all the brake lines anyway and was draining the system. Then, following the manual, I put the caliper into a vise with the filler facing down, heated the filler with a heat gun, and unscrewed it. You want the filler to face down so that none of the thread sealing compound used at the factory drops back into the caliper.


Doing this simplifies future brake bleeds, though at the cost of possibly getting air in the system when you disconnect the brake line, plus you'll need a couple of new copper gaskets when you reconnect that line. But if the original lines are still on the bike, this might be a good time to replace them. The interior of my lines had begun to deteriorate, as I found out when I cut one open.


From what I gather, the filler on the front right caliper is the same as the "ventilation screw" that is fitted onto the bleeder line for the hydraulic clutch, which in any case operates the same way for bleeding. Unless you remove it, too, and just plug a bleeder into the end of that line as well. (Use heat there, also, and two wrenches so you don't twist the line.) Can't find a listing for the filler on the caliper, but the "ventilation screw" can cost ~$45 from a dealer. Though who would want to buy one?

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