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New R1200st owner here, question about front brake bleeding


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hi gang,

new here, got a 2005 r1200st, liking it alot.

i have the clip on bar risers so i am thinking of raising the bars. i got a longer brake line for the front.

i know how to bleed regular brakes, but i was't sure about these servo assisted abs so i called the dealer, they are asking for about $275 for bleeding. ouchy!

any tips?



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I put bar raisers on my old ST that mounted the bars on top of the triple clamp. I don't remember having to put a longer brake line, clutch line or throttle cables on it.


It is possible to just bleed the top of the system with patience and slow movements of the brake lever to let the trapped air move into the reservoir.



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wow, no need to fiddle with the cables or brake line? maybe u had diff cables already? that had enough slack? which mine seems to have.... hmmmm, i think i will try it tmr. thanks.

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Welcome, kajita.

You might take a look at this thread which seems relevant. Investment in the JVB service dvd is generally considered to be worthwhile.


Here's another thread from the forum that might help.


did just that and ordered the dvd and the funnel from the barnyard~ thanks!

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