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Oil Cooler Hose size 1996 r1100rt


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Hello All,


I have tried to find this info here and elsewhere online. The hose from the right side of the oil cooler to the junction block near the front shock has been sweating for a couple of years and I have decided to change it.


Can someone please tell me what the inside diameter of that oil hose is?


I will just cut off the pressed on clamp on the banjo fitting and reuse it. I can use a caliper to measure the nipple on the oil cooler but I don't want to disturb the hose until I have something to replace it with. Thanks




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just FYI


The tubes coming off of the oil cooler on a R1100RT measure 11.63mm, 0.458 inches diameter. There is a rib about 1/4 inch into that tube that measures 13.24mm, 0.521 inches diameter.



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