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1150RT 2002 Owneers Manual?


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I downloaded one for free from some site. It looks like the basic factory BMW one because it talks about taking the bike out of crate and putting it together after an inspection. It was free and had a lot of good basic info.

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I ordered mine for $35 from my local bmw dealer. Don't bother, there is no real info in the manual and a waste of money

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thanks for the pointer to this file. I am actually looking for the riders manual but I did not have a copy of this one so I got it. Thanks

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Your BMW Dealer should be able to get you one.

What info do you need?

There is little to no info that you won't find in the Haynes Manual (or equivalent).

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I don't really need anything from the riders manual as I just wanted an electronic copy to keep on the computer. No one seems to have copied one to a file so I might just take the time to do it myself, but then it is a lot of work for no real use.....maybe not. Thanks for the suggestions anyway

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