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Black Smoke


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2013 R1200RT puffs black smoke when I get on it in the higher RPM's


The bike has about 6000 miles on it.


My '06 RT never did this.


Any ideas?

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Afternoon s3steve


How is your basic fuel economy? Black smoke usually indicates a rich condition but could also indicate some bad fuel, or a restricted air cleaner, or just some build up in the exhaust system.


Does it only blow black smoke when you first get on it after cruising for a long time or does it blow black smoke EVERYTIME you get on it hard?




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It had back fired few time last year, then had the 10K service done.

Since then, it's only backfired a couple of times.

The tech re-synced the throttle bodies, said they where out.


My buddy just text me and said it was blowing black smoke the whole time I got on it hard.

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Guest Kakugo

Have you got an aftermarket air filter or fuel injection module on your bike? Sounds like you are running way way too rich at higher RPM's. Pretty strange considering these boxers run on the lean side as standard.

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The is all stock from the factory with just less then 8000 kms.


Seems to running rich at high loads, hard on the gas.


Secondary spark plugs / coils??


It's gotta go back to the dealer anyway for the switches so hopefully they find something wrong and fix it.

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