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Good news from WAME


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Motorcyclists have to be some of the greatest folks on earth.

As many of you know, I help run a charity over here in West Africa. Through a riding buddy, who is connected with a charitable foundation in the US (which has requested to remain anonymous), West Africa Medicine and Education just received a sizable grant.

We will be building a maternal/child health facility in a village in the Middle River District in The Gambia as well as installing a solar power system for lighting in one of the government clinics. They've had to deliver babies by flashlight for too long!

We also plan to be making some badly needed repairs to the clinic here in Kafountine and purchasing two modern machines for their laboratory. One will do Complete Blood Counts and the other will do metabolic panels (electrolytes, liver function tests, BUN, Creatinine, etc.) It is so basic that we take these test for granted in the US but will extend the capabilities of the little clinic here tremendously.


The WAME team and yours truly are pretty excited about all this! Just wanted to share the good news.

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