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Saddle Bag Handles


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I am looking to transport my saddle bags off the bike. I can't seem to figure out how to get the handles down when the saddle bags are off the bike. I swear I have done this in the past with previous generation bikes. I am trying to do it on my 2014 BMW RT.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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The wethead RT saddlebag handles cannot (easily) be closed when off the bike.


The handles on the previous generation RT bags (like on my wife's camhead RT) could be closed when off the bike.


The new bags have three semi-hidden mechanical "switches" hidden on the back. There are two tabs within the recesses that receive the two top saddlebag mounts (the trapezoidal- shaped projections on the side of the bike under the passenger grab rail; one in each recess). The tabs in the mount-receiving recesses must be depressed *exactly* right by the two saddlebag mounts before the handle will close (the designers' way of ensuring the bags are correctly aligned before they are "locked" to the bike).


In theory, you could reach into the recesses and simultaneously depress both tabs, and using your third hand, close the handle. As a practical matter, very much a pita to do -- plan on transporting them with their handles up.


The third mechanical switch is a button under the front saddlebag mount. When the saddlebags are not on the bike, this third switch is not related to the handle movement. The BMW saddlebags are unique in that they can be removed from the bike and locked/unlocked by the central locking system while (i) the lock actuating solenoid is located on the bike (not in the bags) and yet (ii) when the bags are removed (like to go into your hotel room) the central locking system no longer controls the locks (i.e., you don't need to remember to "unlock" the bags from the central locking system before removing them).

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Wow. Magnificent explanation, Mark. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it had progressed to all that.


In theory, you could reach into the recesses and simultaneously depress both tabs, and using your third hand,


I imagine the engineers in charge of the side cases, tupperware fastening and seats, giggling in a corner smoking pot, thinking up ever more hilarious methods of torture.

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