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Got to ride in the rain the other day...


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And discovered what a blessing it is to have the wonderful, beautiful fairing of the R1100RT! And plus, the heated grips work wonders for heating my hands! On my old, first motorcycle, my Suzuki S40, I would have been totally soaked, and uncomfortable the whole ride home from work! Boy, what a difference having a fairing and an electric windshield, and heated grips makes! Only the tips of my boots and the tops of my gloves got a bit damp, but the rest of me was all dry! Oh and maybe the back of my jacket..


It was pretty nice riding along in the rain and not feeling cold or wet! Just another reason why I love this motorcycle!



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That's a mighty fine motorcycle, and darned good looking too, particularly when wet!




I think I've seen one of those doing a wheelie, at about 5am, somewhere in Eastern Colorado...........

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My RT looks exactly like yours and the same year to boot! What a sharp looking motorcycle!


I love riding mine!

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