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potentially helmetless future?


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Undeployed, the device looks like the foam horse collar you get when you are treated for whiplash injury.

Deployed, I'm not seeing any facial protection.

I'd just prefer wearing a FF skid lid all the time.

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A number of years ago, we closed the BMW shop for a few days and all went to the vintage bike races in Park City Utah.

The roadrace was held on city streets through a golf course etc.

The day before, I borrowed the owners R1100GS to run thru the course to try and learn the line. My helmet was in the hotel room with my gear and Utah had no helmet law so I continued on.

It was not fun. Sand, rocks, bugs, all hit my handsome face making riding very unpleasant. As the sun set, it got cold and so did my nose.

I prefer helmets.

When I was a teen, Calif had no helmet law but I wore one anyway.


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Opening line of the article mentions that bicycle helmets are "massively dorky". As opposed to the stylish "horse collar" contraption (perfect observation Bob) they developed. And, that turtleneck looks so much more comfortable when I'm working up a sweat on my bike...


As far as motorcycling goes, I have always lived in states that did not have helmet requirement laws (for adults) - Illinois, Michigan, Colorado - yet I have never felt the desire to ride without a lid...ever. There was one time in college when I loaned my helmet to a passenger for a quick ride. I felt REALLY naked, and did not enjoy it.

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As far as heat goes, I'll wear the nice light vented bicycle helmet. No way you can wear that thing around your neck when it's 90 deg.

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agreed - helmets are more comfortable on the moto, and that horse collar looks worse (uglier and less comfortable) than a bicycle helmet any day.


My question is - if it does indeed work, why wouldn't you just have the thing inflate entirely around the head, protecting the face too?


Actually, I see a different future for this technology: I see it being attached to a regular helmet or jacket as quick deploy neck protection. Complementing, but not replacing standard helmets...

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Yikes. If I'm wearing a helmet, I have a lot of confidence that it's going to be there during a crash. An airbag with sensitive electronics that are exposed to the environment and a lot of jostling (unlike the airbag system in a car)? Much less confidence.


Moreover, a helmet will tolerate a fair bit of sliding, whereas I doubt this thing will.


Like elkroeger, I could see an inflatable donut/collar airbag as an adjunct to a FF helmet - just like airbags in a car are an adjust to a seat belt - but not as a replacement.

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