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Isle of Mann POV video from Guy Martin


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That guy has been running around that track for 15 years.

He has some videos where he does a voice over, describing what he's doing as he rides it.

In 15 years, he has made the run what? 2000 times? He knows every tree, etc.

Anyway on the voice over he describes his thinking and all; he says "chook it into the wall; well not into the wall, over to the wall."

Meaning as close to the wall as possible.

Some people find it difficult to understand what he is saying. I don't.


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Joe Frickin' Friday

Gadzukes. Wikipedia says the race has been run 95 times and racked up 245 competitor fatalities. How do those break down over the years? in 1907 they weren't running nearly fast, OTOH their safety gear wasn't so good back then either. Has the fatalities-per-year figure gone up or down over the decades?

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Intriguing questions, Mitch. Though I wonder about the effectiveness of even the most advanced modern day protective gear when considering the extraordinary hazards that the Isle of Mann poses (brick walls, telephone poles, and...stray animals).

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Guy is on a BMW this year which goes to show that all forum members have chosen the right marque.---- The WINNING MARQUE.

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Way more impressive on my TV with surround sound than FS on the laptop! Seems they're not worried about traction on the painted lines. The sun/shade transitions add difficulty too I'm sure.

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