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Sears gladiator workbench


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I got a great deal from Sears on the Gladiator Workbench. They had two separate prices online and I questioned them. Sears sold it to me for the lower and I saved a bunch. Last night I set the bench up and I am really impressed with the quality of both materials and engineering. I know this is not directly linked to a bike, but if you work on bikes or anything in your garage, this is a great work bench and worth looking into.

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Sears can be great for bargain or two

A few years ago I came across a Lincoln fume extractor flexible arm that is needed for the extractor filter unit for containing fumes and smoke as required by OSHA but sold seperatly. I think we got it for like twenty cents on the dollar. My distributor was floored at the price. When they went to get the rest in stock, The price went right back up to list.

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Timely subject. I am building a bench in my garage this weekend. It's a ritual with me. Usually I do it shortly after moving in, but I've been in my current house 2 years and no bench. Anyway, the reason I build my own is height. I am tall and I hate bending over. Most stock benches are 34" high at most. I usually build mine around 41" and I usually mount a vise in it too. I also make it 3' deep. I like the extra room.

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