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clutch engagement point close to bar in 1st gear 1200GS 2005

Alex S

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Hi there,


I have this strange problem that occurs intermittently on my 2005 1200GS, but only in first gear: the clutch sometimes seems to engage very brutally as I just start releasing the lever, 1/10 of an inch from the handlebar. It seems to happen often when I start the bike, although it also happened after a ride. 90% of the time though, the clutch engages exactly where it should (mid-range) and works just fine. There is no sponginess or any weird feeling in the lever, and I just had the slave cylinder and fluid replaced.

I was told (at a service shop nearby) I should replace the clutch kit altogether, but I am not so sure this is the real problem... any thoughts ?


Thanks a lot, Alex

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Afternoon Alex


There was a BMW service bulletin on something similar occurring on the GS.


The bulletin addressed re-routing the clutch line from the slave cylinder up to the handlebar reservoir to HAVE NO HIGH OR LOW SPOTS (cut zip ties & re-route line to go up as straight as possible)


What was happening was the slave cylinder was taking in some air then that air was getting trapped in the clutch line in some spots.


The problem usually shows up after a long ride (or short ride at higher RPM'S) so I'm not sure IF this is your problem or not but it would be a great place to start your troubleshooting.

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Thanks a lot, I will try that and will let you know. My 2 cents was that if the clutch was worn out, it would slip and the engagement point would move towards the hand guard. also, it would happen systematically rather than randomly. Thanks again and I will let you know if that worked.

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