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lowered peg kit


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I don't have an RTW, but I have had Suburban Machinery lowered pegs on both my '05 ST and the '11 RT and love them. 1.25 to 1.5 inches makes a big difference. Work to get your shifter and brake comfortable and you're done. Haven't run into any scraping issues even when wicking it up.



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I traded my '05RT for the '14RT and in the process I removed as many accessories as I could before delivering the old bike to the dealer.


The very first add-on I did was the Suburban Machinery Peg lowering blocks.


Love them and consider them essential to our bike. Easy install. Must have!

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Anyone have these http://www.grenacdesigns.com/ I like the idea but not sure if I'd be happy with the side stand deployment?




I have them and like them. Side stand is a little fiddly, I can still deploy it by hooking it with my heel, just not as easy as stock. I suppose I could remove the sidestand and get a welder to move the peg. Apparently there is some variation between identical bikes, I had a bit of interference between the peg and the shifter, others don't. I put a 16 gage shim where the sidestand stop is. That gave me 1/2" of clearance where I had interference before so clearly it didn't need to be that thick; 20 gage would have been fine. I really like the "can't tell it's there" appearance.

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Do the controls (Brake/gearshift) adjust to the new foot peg location or are you required to adjust your use of them?


Thanks in advance for your response.



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I did not have to make any adjustments tot he gear shift nor the foot brake.


There has been "some" chatter about the shifter being difficult to move up or down. If it concerns you, look closely at your bike first...

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