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Im new to bmw and got a 99 r1100rt last fall. It had a wore out corbin seat on it that didn't suit me so I bought a sergent seat. When I ride my ass gets sore after 10-12miles is that just me or are all bmws that way. Love the bike hate the seat. Are there any options?

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You can try the Alaska leather buttpad for a relatively cheap fix.



Or, the more expensive custom built seat from Russell. My opinion only, if you can't get comfortable on a Russell, it may be impossible to get comfortable on this motorcycle.



Sometimes you need to take a little time to break in the seat (your Sargent) to your butt or butt to the seat. Can be painful either way. :grin:






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A sore butt after such a short distance is really unusual. Before you start looking for another seat you need to zero in on what is causing the problem.


Lots of riders curse the stock seats from BMW (or almost any manufacturer) but we are all so different that no set conclusions can be drawn. I rode for years and over 125,000 miles on the stock seat on my R1100RT. Among those miles were many 1,000 mile days. Don't get me wrong, after 800 miles in the saddle I wasn't going to be as comfortable as sitting in a recliner, but I had no problem to keep riding until I reached my destination. Other riders would be in pain on the same seat after a couple hundred miles.


Does the Sargent have "wings"? Are you sliding forward and putting pressure on your crotch? Tailbone the issue?


The more information you provide the better for getting useful suggestions.

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It is the sargent low, It feels ok when I start out but after 10-12 miles very bottom of butt is uncomfortable. The seat is new and I hope maybe it breaks in. Im 63 and can take the oncomfortable seat but shouldn't have too. I do love the way the bike handles which makes the tallness and oncomfortable seat tolerable. Break in takes about how long?

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I had a Sargent seat on my R1100Rt as well and had the same experience. I got a Corbin from someone here but really didn't like it. Too much slipping around on the leather and it was slightly too wide. I eventually got a stock seat here as well and found it to be comfortable and a whole lot softer on my 67 year old behind than the Sargent. If you can sit on other BMW seats, say at the Unrally or other gathering, you might find one that suits you.

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I got a Sargent low for my 07 RT. It was more comfortable than the stock but even after several thousand miles it still too hard (not firm but soft). Someone with a standard height Sargent let my sit on their bike and I could actually feel some spring to the seat. I contacted Sargent to see if there was supposed to be difference in firmness between standard and low and I was told no. They had me send the seat back for them to look at and ended up replacing the foam. It was better but still left something to be desired so I had Bill Mayer build me a seat. That worked a lot better for me and I put over 100k on the Mayer. The Sargent seat in my garage for quite a while before I loaned it to a friend to try, and hen it went back to sitting in the garage. By then my Mayer was beginning to show the miles and I decided to try Sargent for a while again. It was still very firm but I could actually feel it beginning to break in. It still wasn't the perfect seat but it wasn't bad either. I now have a Seth Laam seat on my 2011 RT and am very pleased with it - best seat I've ever had, even better than the Day-Long I had years ago on my Suzuki GS850 back when Bill Mayer Sr. owned what is now Russel seats.

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Tekslk : I bought a Sargent seat in March 2014; even though I rode in for a fitting, it was still on the firm side. While at the shop I sat on the Sargent low model, and immediately ruled it out because of the lack of cushioning.


I picked up some foam from an upholstery shop, and glued it to the bottom of a 10-year old Alaska Leather pad. Fabric on one side, foam on the other; I decided to use spray adhesive to stick the fabric side to the leather, then chamfered the perimeter. I did this about a year ago, and it's still holding up well. It's like the difference between a pair of hiking boots with and without socks.



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Well I waited all winter for warmer weather so Im riding sore butt or not. Hopefully it breake in some. I will also keep my eyes open on ebay, and different places.

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Would the strap on jel pads they sell on ebay help?


They would help some but probably not as much as you would prefer. If you're looking for a "strap on" solution, I would recommend an AirRider - more expensive but IMO, much more comfortable.

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