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An old bike, brand new with a 2-year warranty.


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Feeling the need to get back to my biking roots, today I went out and bought this.








She is a 2015 Indian built Royal Enfield Bullet 500 EFI.

This latest Bullet is the biggest change to the engine since the Bullet was introduced in 1953 - for the first time, it has twin spark, integral gearbox and electronic fuel injection.

With a massive 27bhp and a staggering top-speed of 85mph I am hoping it will take me lazily down back-lanes, rumbling back to my early motorcycling days. (please note use of British ironic humour)



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Awesome. I love it. I have an "old" Honda CB125 in the garage that was the first street bike I ever rode. I'm dealing with some stupid title transfer crap due to my father and uncle being idiots 20 years ago, but the thing brings a smile to my face every times kick it over and ride it up the street. I can't wait to legally get it on the road.

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Good for you!


Just the right bike for those back lanes that you remember from your youth!


Waxed cotton riding suit to go with????

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"...Prince of darkness ..."

Methinks that should probably be 'Beloved and Blessed Maharaja of Reduced Everlasting Brightness'.

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Leaving politics and religion out of it, what a wonderful choice Andy.


Now, if someone could revive the Black Shadow.



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The idea of puttering down a country lane, the power pulses keeping rhythm with one's heartbeat as a massive crank and flywheel damp the explosions into silky forward motion does have a certain romance to it. And I think it's something I might want to try. But I'm not quite sure it's something I'm ready to own. Perhaps not just yet.

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Chuck Hatcher

... you get a 1953-type bike without all the 1953 issues.

That's one way to look at it. You could also say you get a 2015 bike without all the 2015, err, yeah, you got it right the first time.


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