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It's your choice as to which board members you think should be in these car


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That's just not right...


Especially at the 27:00 mark! :eek: Didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Ok, I chuckled a bit! :grin:




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Idiots. They sure were having fun though. :grin: I hesitate to admit I've done dirt stuff nearly as bad in an SLK and MB wagon (AWD) on recon for dualsport and adventure rides.

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I was interested until they took them off road. That's just stupid. Why in the hell anyone would take $190,000 worth of beautiful high performance street cars and beat the hell out of them off road is beyond me. At that point, my opinion of the guys doing the show went from - OK, these guys are serious gearheads doing what many of us would like to have the chance to do... to... these guys are idiots...

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