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R1150 Oil leak


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I have a 2003 1150RT 88000 miles and it has an oil leak that is coming from the top edge of the base of the left hand cylinder(where the cylinder liner slides into the crankcase - does that make sense?).

It has been weeping for some while, but it does appear to be getting worse.

Am I correct in thinking that there is no gasket there?

Any suggestions to cure it.

The head has been re-torqued - still no change.



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Head gasket or base gasket? Might be easy and just be valve cover gasket. Can also be timing chain access cover seal. Spark plug donut? Oil can blow around and give false locations. Got to clean it all up and really figure where it's coming from. I did a handful of clean ups and drive a few miles to really see what was happening.

I ended up replacing everything two years ago when I was experiencing the same thing. Started with the easy access ones and ended up doing the head gasket to stop the leak. Not that bad of a job!


Good luck!

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No gasket -- sealant only.


I have the same seepage on my left cylinder base. Pulling the jug to re-seal is on my "todo" list, but I'm not rushing to do it.

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