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"It's Never Too Late": publishing my first novel at 66


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I’ve enjoyed a number of diverse and varied careers over the years: law enforcement, advertising, hi-tech marketing, and most recently, general contracting.


When the recession of 2008 struck, accompanied by a significant decline in the building trades, I took to the road, riding on several cross county trips. It was at a BMWST gathering in Torrey, Utah, that I first crossed paths with fellow rider, Larry (WhiP) Kachadourian. One evening, over several glasses of wine, I heard the amazing story of Larry’s grandfather, Jimmy, who, as a young boy, had lost his family during the Armenian Genocide of 1915. After hiding out with Kurds for several years, Jimmy eventually fled to Turkey, beginning a 30-year odyssey to find his family and connect with relatives in America. And at that point the seed for a novel was planted.


Over the years, I told the story to friends and family, who found it inspiring. Several suggested turning it into a book or a screenplay. While I had written numerous travel articles for motorcycle magazines, I had never attempted a long format project like a novel. My wife encouraged him to take advantage of my “retirement” and her solid career to write a novel. My daughters sent me several ‘how to” books on the craft, with the inscription “It’s never too late.” So, at age 64, I began my new project, with the goal of finishing the book by the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide (April 24th, 2015).


After two years of extensive research and writing, I finally finished his 300-page novel, “Six Cups of Persistence: A 30-year Struggle for Survival, Love, and the American Dream,” one month ahead of schedule.


It’s more than just the story of someone who survives the Armenian Genocide. It’s a very moving, coming-of-age story, about overcoming incredible odds in pursuit of personal goals. It also details the passion of those early 20th century immigrants who had the burning desire to become American citizens at all costs.


“Six Cups of Persistence” is available in paperback from Amazon.com for $10.95, or in Kindle format for just $2.99. More information can be found on my website: www.davidrswift.com .


I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


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Finished the book this week. A great story and a well written book, what more could you ask for!

Dave, it is hard to believe that it is your first book.

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Thanks for the kind words, Chris. If you would like to post a simple review on the book's Amazon page I would appreciate it. That's what bookstores look for. (Please, just don't give it 5 stars!)


Thanks in advance.

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