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Clutch slip - failded slave

Andrew Harmsworth

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Andrew Harmsworth

Apologies if the is old news to you all but thought I would share anyway :(

Had not had the bike long, private buy and i have put about 500 miles on it . Then the clutch started slipping so I ordered new clutch and slave cylinder referb kit as a procaution.


Sure enough the clutch was oiled up and the slave clutch rod covered in brown glupe.


Bearing in the slave beyond use.


For what it's worth looking at the design I figure that it is best not to sit at traffic lights in gear with the clutch pulled in as this puts the pressure of the clutch spring on that cheesy bearing.


Good news is that the cutch splines are 100% so one less thing to worry about.


Ps while I did try to check the splines before purchase and while you can see the end of the splines buy looking through the starter motor aperture, I think all you can really see is the bit of the splines that are not used, also saw no evidence of the slave leaking so if you are unsure of the condition of either the best way to check is a disassembly.


Still now more knowledgable about the disassembly process.

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