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Rough Idle


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'02 R1150RT, I have a rough idle , not bad but not smooth, plugs OK, will red line with out effort, has some slight surging. Any thoughts?

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Evening bulletbill


Could be a number of things but usual cause (assuming a healthy engine) is coked up BBS screw tips or coked up BBS air passages.


An o2 sensor starting go (becoming lazy) could also be the issue


As well as a TPS not properly reset.


Or dirty fuel injectors.


Or even bad gasoline.


When did the problem start? If gradually then suspect coked up BBS passages or failing o2 sensor, if suddenly then possibly bad gasoline or the TPS needs to be re-set.


Tell us more about how/when the problem started & we can get closer to the problem.

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Well it's a mystery, I purchased this bike a year ago Oct, with 43K, been sitting a short time. The clutch was broke, when we got into it the input shaft was stripped. So we when through the whole bike. New Clutch, Stainless Brake lines, reset the TSP, balanced the injector bodies, etc,etc.I have run a couple of tanks with Sea Form, the bike as I commented will redline at the snap of your finger, runs great with a very light surge. The Idle has alway just not been right?? I was thinking that it might be the injectors, or the 02 sensor. PS we have done the plugs AutoLites, If it is the injectors is there a good way to check??


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If it is the injectors is there a good way to check??


Afternoon bulletbill


Not really/


You can remove one injector at a time (leave hooked to power & fuel line) then crank the engine & watch spray pattern on a piece of paper but that is a difficult test to tell much UNLESS your are well versed in what a good/bad injector pattern looks like.


Best way is to just remove then injectors then send them out to an injection shop to clean & test.

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Thanks for the reply, I will get the injector cleaned, will post if that fixes the idle.


Morning bulletbill


That wouldn't be at top of my personal list.


The place to start your troubleshooting is to clean the BBS screw tips & clean the BBS air passages then set the base curb idle to specs.

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Well I will do that first, we don't have anyone local the clean the injectors, and will have to mail them to Houston.

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