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Newbie question: Is this normal for a R1200RT?


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Hi I have recently become the proud owner of a 2012 R1200RT.

I just wanted to know if it is normal for the starter to engage so "harshly" with a metal to metal "clang" when starting the bike. The bike also reacts as though I was blipping the throttle. There is probably a huge torque to get the motor spinning. I know this is a big bike but if I compare it to my last bike (Triumph tiger 1050) there is a huge difference.

Thanks in advance guys.

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You need to make a you tube video so we can actually see and hear it for ourselves. Everybody has their own opinion and definitions of what sound sounds like.

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I have a 2010 and I almost cringe every time I hit the start button when it is cold because it does not sound like it is a gentle process. Once the bike is warm, it is a bit quieter but still much louder than my KTM 990 or my other bikes.

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The starter definitely gives the whole bike a good shake when it engages, but I haven't heard what I would describe as a clang that I remember in 20,000 miles.



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